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About Us

ArlixMeet is a series of conferences which take place all around the world for teens that are interested in business or technology. Anyone can attend and hear our world class speakers share their stories. We hope to welcome you to one near you soon!

What is Our Goal?

We aim to inspire the next generation of people who will be running the world of tommorrow and give them the expertise that they made need to get their idea or plan into action. ArlixMeet likes to work with all sorts of businesses so whether it is clothing or something in science, we want you to come and share yours!

  • Learn from our world class speakers personal experience
  • Share and even exhibit (special ticket required, please contact) your idea and business and a conference!
  • Network and make connections with other amazing people just like you!
  • Get critic from industry leading professionals


Across the




We're pleased to announce ArlixMeet will have 5 events worldwide in 2017. We are looking to increase the number so if you might be interested in running an event contact us:





New Dehli




New York

United States



Jack Parsons

CEO of YourFeed

Brandon Relph

Founder GoCreative

Matthew Scott

CEO Navada Group

Tell us what you're doing

We love to hear what amazing things young entrepreneurs are doing all over the world. Tell us what you're up to for a chance to win cool stuff at some of our events!


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Event Doors Open 2017 Dates not set


Sponsors are what make events fun and if you would like to sponsor our awesome events, please contact

We had some awesome sponsors at 2016 such as O2ThinkBig, Google Campus and YourFeed.

Event FAQs

£0.00 ($0.00)

That's right you saw it. When tickets become available they will be absolutely free.

Entry and food, as well as some cool freebies! At ArlixMeet, we'll let you keep your money to develop your business...
The event and time of 2017 evenrs is not confirmed.
All ArlixMeet events are "Smart Casual". Nothing too formal as all our events are relaxed but we wouldn't recommend you wear your swimming stuff...
Drop us an email at and one of our lovely representatives will answer all your questions...
Anyone can attend regardless of their age however if you are under 16 you will need to get a consent form signed by your parent/guardian. Please contact us for this.

Event Location

Event Venue TBC for 2017
Phone: +1 (435) 565-1706

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